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Blossoming Teens is our Teen Mentorship Program. Our middle and high school girls are being transformed into community leaders through the power of mentorship! The years of a female adolescent are some of the most difficult years that they will encounter as they will battle negative peer influences that will affect their self-esteem and academic performance.


In our mentorship program, we aim to reduce defiant and risky behaviors, increase graduation rates, build confidence and self-esteem, educate on purity and abstinence, decrease teenage pregnancy rates, and foster healthy relationships. Mentees will participate in monthly gatherings while building lasting friendships and developing important life & leadership skills, while also giving back to the community.



Blossoming Mothers is our Teen Pregnant & Parenting Mothers Program. We understand the importance of having your basic needs met. With that, we have implemented a program to provide resources and education to young mothers, 23 and under, who are in need. We are serving 4 Metro-Atlanta Counties, Gwinnett, Dekalb, Walton, & Rockdale.


Motherhood is a difficult journey that many women will embark upon. Power Forward aims to lighten the load and decrease stress of young mothers who struggle to provide their baby with its basic necessities, while educating them on the journey of motherhood. With this program, we provide comprehensive case management services to our young mothers while offering them a variety of resources. We focus on parent education, child & health development, nutrition education, and maternal physical & mental health concerns. 

They will learn the basics of life skills, job & college preparation, and leadership skills. We aim to transition them from surviving to thriving.

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